Mothers and daughters have an almost unspeakable bond with one another, so when you’re searching for gift ideas that will appeal to them both, the challenge is real, depending on their ages. We’ve rounded up a list of awesome gift ideas for new moms with babies, moms with tween and teen girls, and older moms whose daughters have kids of their own. These are the best mother daughter gifts for them all.

It’s every mother’s job to teach her daughter what it’s like to exude class and style, but you can help her along the way with this stunning freshwater pearl jewelry set. It features a necklace, bracelet and earrings, all with lustrous 7-8mm diameter round white Freshwater cultured pearls, all with 14k yellow gold findings. 

Sure this set is a bit of an investment, but you can give mom the necklace and earrings, and your daughter the lovely bracelet, knowing one day she’ll inherit the full set. If you’re really into splurging, get them the double strand set, with gorgeous gold floral motif clasps. On a budget? This freshwater pearl jewelry set replaces 14k gold with sterling silver findings, so you can get all three pieces for under a hundred bucks.

You might also want to browse through our suggestions for the best jewelry gifts for mom, and then consider a coordinating piece for your daughter.

Everyone’s always up for a cute tee shirt, but this set delivers the goods in the form of a cute vee neck tee for mom and a hilarious onesie for her babe. While the shirt features a girly fitted v-neck tee shirt, the onesie is all baby, and both have cute coffee related sayings on the front. They’re made of an easy care cotton and poly blend, which is all good news for the mom who is toting a baby on her hip. With seven color options and tons of size combos for both mom and baby, this is a perfect present that will elicit a round of giggles every time they wear them.

We also love this mom and toddler combo tee shirt set that says “She got it from me” on mom’s shirt and “I got it from my mama” on the toddler tee. The Blessed to be her mom and Blessed to be her daughter tee shirt set is perfect for moms whose daughters are more grade school age.

Perfect for the momma with more than one daughter, this set of sterling silver dandelion necklaces make wonderful mother daughter gifts. The three piece set comes with the mom necklace featuring an etched blooming dandelion just beginning to lose its fluffy flying seeds. The two daughter necklaces each feature pendants with a single flying seed etched on them.

Such a sweet sentiment for a mom with girls. Each of the sterling silver necklaces arrives in a pretty gift box, so perhaps this would be a lovely Mother’s Day gift for your wife and kids. The Mama Bear and Baby Bear Necklace Set is another cute option. Made from tarnish free stainless steel, you can get the set with one, two or three baby bears. Clever.

The Mother Daughter Cutout Heart Necklace Set is more modern take that would work well for a grown woman and her mom.

Communication with parents is super important, especially when their kids are playing around the neighborhood, visiting friends and in general, not within sight or earshot. This set of walkie talkies is a great way to keep moms and daughters connected whenever they’re within two miles of home base. They’re super easy to use, and come equipped with an LED flashlight just in case a kid ends up working later than expected on homework at a friend’s house, so mom and daughter can meet up and both walk safely after dark. To connect a whole family, you might want to consider this four-pack of walkie talkies. 

The Relay nationwide walkie talkie can connect daughters to their elderly moms via an app and an inexpensive monthly subscription. These cool little devices let you communicate at the touch of a button, whether you’re across town or across the country. 

Everyone loves seeing a mama and her little daughter dressed in matching outfits, and these causal striped dresses are the perfect excuse for them to dress alike. These loose fitting frocks are ideal for a day at the park, museum or just hanging out at home and running errands. The longer length and big pockets make them funky and fun, plus they’re made of a soft cotton blend that’s easy to wash, so if finger paints are on the agenda, no worries. Get them in both women’s sizes and kid sizes, but remember, you’ll need to order each separately.

The Geckatte Mommy and Me Dresses feature a fun striped tank on top with an attached floral maxi length skirt. They come in lots of sizes for both mom and her daughter and deliver that boho chic look that’s perfect for spring and summer fun. Looking for matching maxis for a Fourth of July celebration? These stars and stripes dresses are just right.

When it comes to building a love for fitness and fun, this Yoga Dice game is the perfect gift for a mother and her daughter to play together. This game helps to develop teamwork, cooperation and critical thinking skills as parents and kids play together while working toward a common goal. 

This game comes with six big dice, each featuring six yoga positions, along with a yoga mat, pose tokens, a carrying bag and more. Get the whole family involved in this fun family fitness game by getting some real yoga mats for the kids, and perhaps a couple for the adults in the house too. What a great way to build a routine that’s super healthy for you all. (I played this game with two grandkids after receiving a sample from ThinkFun, and we giggled like crazy!)

And speaking of stretching, ThinkFun and Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty Puzzle is a great way for moms and daughters (and sons!) to stretch their minds and imaginations. It comes with sixty STEM challenges, from beginner to expert and it’s an awesome rainy day option for parents and kids to spend time engaged in learning, laughing and playing.

Mom wants big swoopy curls. Her youngest daughter wants riglets, while her teen wants beachy waves. This five in one curling iron system gives everyone what they want in one nifty package. With a handle and five different curling barrels, it heats up to temperatures from 175 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit or 80-220 degrees Centigrade. It can be set for fine little girl hair, or thick grown up manes. 

The interchangeable ceramic barrels deliver consistent heat all the way down the shaft to ensure perfect curls and waves every time, plus this set comes with a zippered bag to stow things neatly, and a heat resistant glove to prevent fingers from getting burned. 

Want to look at more hot tools for your ladies? Check out our recommendations for the best two inch curling irons and the best professional flat irons as well.

For families who are curious to know more about their genetic ethnicity, family history and deeper knowledge about who they are, a DNA test kit is a gift that can reveal amazing information. If you’re shopping for a mother and daughter who haven’t yet taken this journey, this Ancestry DNA kit is an ideal way to help them begin the journey from past to present together.

With a simple little spit into a tube, they’ll find out their family’s migration patterns, and reveal their rich personal history along the way. When linked to the site, they can trace close and distant relatives they may not know, and they might even discover some of their family’s passed down stories go a lot deeper than they knew.

If you think they’d benefit from a deeper analysis of their genetic health history through the histories of their ancestors, you might want to consider the 23AndMe DNA Test Kit.

As a gift, this super cool aquaponic growing system offers something for both moms and daughters. The top features a place to plant organic microgreens, herbs and sprouts for a quick burst of vitamins and flavor in salads, smoothies and more. Underneath, the aquarium tank is a scaled-down hydroponics system that provides the ideal home for tropical fish. It creates a symbiotic environment in which the fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants clean the water.

Don’t think you want to mess with getting them live fish? You could always pick an AeroGarden hydroponic system instead. Or perhaps you’d just light to get your mother daughter duo a straight up aquarium which is totally a cool gift for both of them.

Mothers and daughters have an incredibly close bond, but often there’s simply not enough time in life to say everything you want in a phone call, text or email. That’s what makes this pass back and forth journal a beautiful gift any mom and her girl will treasure for a lifetime. Filled with fun prompts and pages for each of them, this clever book will have them thinking and sharing about lots of life’s mysteries and pleasures.Once filled, they can continue to add notes and letters and more to create what will become a family keepsake, especially after mom passes. 

If you’re shopping for a mom and her teen or tween daughter, the shared journal Just Between Us is a stress free, no rules opportunity to know one another better and build bonds during the tough teen years.

We also love letter writing kits, because the written word is so much more meaningful. There’s nothing more special than a handwritten letter from someone you love. We recommend Letters to My Mom: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever. With 12 letters, each with a prompt like “A special memory I have of you is…” they allow you to expand upon your memories and feelings. If you write just one a month, this kit will last a year, but the good feelings will last a lifetime. For a mother daughter gift, don’t forget to order Letters to My Daughter at the same time.

We can be honest here, ladies love baths. Whether they’re 6 or 60, they love luxuriating in a steamy, bubbly tub of bliss – and who wouldn’t? These sweet bath gift sets make wonderful mother daughter gifts because you can get each of them in a different scent. These sets come in the most adorable little metal lunchboxes that they’ll want to reuse for something fun. 

They contain a collection of natural bath products that pamper both their skin and their soul with natural fruit essences and moisturizing oils and butters. They have shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub and lotions, but each scent features a different product or two. Get these in Kiwi, Coconut Milk or Fresh Apple or Cooling Cucumber. 

Browse for more premium soaps and bath products from Pure by Rachelle Parker right here. And if you want to peruse our recommendations for all the best bath gift sets on Amazon, look here.

Turns out bathing is pretty good for your body and soul. Here’s a cool article about the 24 benefits of bathing.

Let’s be honest, there’s an awful lot of pajama time for new moms who are sleep-starved, but love to snuggle up with their new baby girl. This nursing nightgown and matched baby layette will have them both looking cute as a bug while staying cozy and comfy. The pretty nightgown form mom features a feminine elasticized scoop neckline that can be easily pulled down for nighttime nursing. It falls just to knee length and has a shapely empire waist, which is perfect post pregnancy.

The baby layette features a romper with contrast cuffs and easy envelope style neckline that fits a newborn from 0-3 months. With clever fold-over cuffs that become mittens, her new babe won’t get scratches from their sharp little fingernails. It also comes with a soft little matching hat to keep baby’s head warm. 

Both are made with easy-care cotton and spandex fabric – important for an exhausted new mom. Get this nightie and layette set in more than 20 fun patterns and colors as well as sizes from Small to X-Large. You can also pick between a layette with a romper, or a layette with a baby nightgown.

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as settling in with your daughter, a great cup of tea in hand and a classic movie on the tube. This gorgeous Princess of Monaco tea set is an homage to the late, great Grace Kelly, the iconic actress who left Hollywood to become royalty and later tragically passed away. This pretty tea set makes a lovely mother daughter gift that they can share over conversation and film. The clear borosilicate glass pot allows them to literally watch the tea blossoms bloom, which will create a conversation by itself.

If you also make sure to give your ladies the Grace Kelly movie collection, they might just make a rainy day habit of spending time together over tea and TV. Of course, you’ll never want them to run out of tea, so check out our recommendations for the best tea baskets here.

Are you buying for a mother and daughter who are both on a restrictive meal plan or who have protein shakes or smoothies during the day? This two pack of blender bottles makes great sense for them, with each 28 ounce bottle giving them plenty of room for both their supplements and liquids. The high grade stainless steel blender ball does most of the work to great delicious and healthy drinks that fit their diet. 

With a wide mouth, the bottle is easy to fill with scoops of protein powder or whatever they wish to mix.  A screw on lid with a leak-proof seal assures there won’t be drips and the flip cap snaps securely shut to keep contents contained. It has a simple loop top to make it easy to grab and go.

You might also want to get them a meal prep lunch kit to support their healthy eating efforts. Check out the selection of the best ones at the bottom of our article on the best lunch boxes for adults.

Give your mother daughter pair the perfect way to make a splash at the beach or poolside this year. These matching swimsuits for women and girls are made from the same pretty pink and white fabric featuring sea shells, turtles and more. Mom’s one piece tank suit suit features a sassy tummy cutout and has a low cut scoop neck and low scoop back, but offers higher cut legs with plenty of cheek coverage in back. It comes in sizes from Small to X-Large.

The little girl’s swimsuit is also a one piece, with a strap over one shoulder and a sassy ruffle over the other that wraps from front to back. Super cute. It comes in sizes 2/3T to 6/8T. Each suit is sold separately.

If you’re looking for close to identical suits, this pair is pretty darned adorable. Want to find a matching swim suit set for the whole family, included dad and the boys? This set offers selections for both kids and adults.

This pretty picture frame is perfect for both a mother and a daughter, which is why you should get two if you’re giving them gifts together. Fill each one with a favorite picture of the two of them and it will be a memory maker that keeps a smile on their face. This unique 5 x 7 inch frame features the sentiment “the love between a mother and daughter is forever” which is engraved in the leather itself. That way you’ll be assured it won’t rub off after years of being picked up and admired. 

You can get this horizontal format frame, as well as a vertical version, and in two different sizes also. Another fun option for a mother and her daughter who is also a mother, this engraved wooden frame is a picture perfect gift.

 Digital photo frames are also great gift ideas, especially if you’re a husband and dad who is on the road a lot. With the Nixplay Seed, you can upload photos and videos with the iPhone or Android app, giving your girls a constant fresh feed of your travels, including videos.

There’s a pretty good chance if a mother loves to bake, her daughter will grow up loving to bake too. That’s why we think this two pack of donut baking pans is a perfect mother daughter gift idea. Each can individually experiment with their own baked donut recipes and then get together to share their best donuts over coffee. Naturally, you’ll want to kick start this effort with a fun cookbook like The Doughnut Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Baked and Fried Doughnuts from Williams Sonoma or Baked Doughnuts For Everyone which includes both sweet and savory donut recipes.

Looking for a fun little gift that will crack up any mom and her daughter who lives independently? This two pack of Angry Mama microwave steam cleaners is a fun and functional idea for both of them. When filled with water and a little lemon juice they can be placed in the microwave and turned on for a few minutes until they release steam, allowing the oven to be easily wiped out and freshened.

The Angry Mama & Cool Mama set is another good idea as it adds a refrigerator deodorizer to the microwave steamer, although you’ll need to order two separate sets to give one to each. While both mamas have the same annoyed expression, you’ve gotta love the Cool Mama pinching her nose.

For the mom who loves to wear clothes that are similar to her daughter’s, but not ones that are overly matchy-matchy, this pretty Hawaiian print combo is a great choice. Whether they’re attending a mother daughter tea, or just packing for vacation, this cotton shirt and dress will be comfy and pretty.

The blue and white hibiscus print is fresh and fun, and the set comes with a woman’s classic button front Hawaiian shirt, while the little girls’ dress features a tank style bodice with an empire waist and skirt that falls just below the knees. This set comes in a wide range of sizes for both mom and her daughter, with women’s sizes Medium to 2X-Large, and girl’s sizes up to 8.

For a huge selection of matching dresses, tops and other combinations for both moms and dads, all with a Hawaiian vibe, browse here.

Sweet dreams and fond feelings are exactly what this pillowcase is all about, and who has more of those feelings for one another than moms and their daughters. Pick up a pair of these pillowcases for the moms and daughters who live apart – whether near or far. Made from soft and breathable microfiber fabric, they are screen printed with the saying “Hug this pillow until you can hug me.” But don’t worry, the printing is as soft as the pillow itself, so they’re comfy, not scratchy.

These don’t come in a set, so you’ll need to order two, but they do come with a sweet greeting card you can personalize when you present your gifts. 

Whether you give this gift to your mom, she gives it to you, or someone else orders one for each of you, this pretty memory box celebrates the love of a mother and her daughter. Just about the size of a standard postcard and two inches deep, the hand painted wood box features bas-relief resin carving on hinged lid. This sweet box is the perfect place to store tiny memorable objects from that special pair of earrings, to rings, little love notes and more.

Moms and daughters might also appreciate the More Than Words figurine that features interesting textures and a wonderful image. For a new mother with a baby girl, the Child of My Heart Hand Painted Sculpture is another lovely idea.

Sometimes finding an awesome mother daughter gift takes a little bit of digging, because everything doesn’t come in perfectly matched pairs. That’s cool, because we’re always happy to do the work for you, and we love totally these rain boots for grown up moms and their daughters. Western Chief is well known for making top quality rubber boots that can handle a rainstorm, muddy yard and garden, or wet walk to the school bus stop, and then be hosed off and put away to dry.

The mom boots are shiny black, and covered in brilliant polka dots, while the little girl’s rain boots feature a similar theme, except with a splash of colorful hearts. Mom’s boots feature a cool calf buckle detail, while the daughter’s boots offer a sweet bow at the ankle, and pull handles with heart shaped cutouts. 

Keep in mind, because these boots don’t come in a set, you’ll need to order each of them separately. If you’re shopping for boots for a mom with a teenage daughter, we also love these boots from SheSole.

What better way to toast the bond between a mom and her girl than with the perfect pair of stemless wine glasses? Printed with the words “Mother of a Princess” and “Daughter of a Queen” your special ladies will totally feel like royalty when you pour them a splash of their favorite wine to celebrate their unique and loving relationship. They’re top rack dishwasher safe, so bank on the fact that they’ll be pulled out for every special occasion in either one’s lives.

For a mom and her daughter who’s a mom too, the “Mommin Ain’t Easy” long stemmed wine glasses are also a cool idea. And give both you ladies a chuckle when you tell them to share these hilarious wine stoppers.

They might also appreciate these Like Mother Like Daughter stemless wine glasses that are sure to create a laugh and a good time to come.

While we can’t tell you how to split up this pretty pink four piece set of fashion handbags, we do think you’ll find a way to match every mom and daughter’s personality with this group. With a tote, shoulder bag, clutch and wallet, you might want these mother daughter gifts to be wrapped up as one present and you simply let the ladies decide for themselves who gets which bag. 

The tote has a footed bottom that means it’s super stable when set on the floor and won’t tip over and dump the contents. It’s large enough for her tablet or iPad as well as the day’s necessities. The handbag is also nice and roomy, and a great choice for the office. The clutch is great for a younger woman/daughter as it’s edgy and sleek, and the clever little wallet will easily fit inside it. BTW, this set comes in 11 color choices, not to mention the price is unbeatable.

Looking for an even bigger handbag collection? This six piece set includes three different styles of handbags, plus a wallet, clutch and matching keyring. Or you could just resign yourself to buying two of the same set for a mother and daughter, perhaps with each in a different color. In that case, this reasonably priced handbag group is a good option and it comes in ten great colors.

This clever box sign is a great gift for anyone, but the sentiment is especially true for moms and their daughters. Printed with “I love you rain or shine,” the vintage looking wooden sign is designed to sit on a desk or countertop or hung on a wall. We also love the “I can’t say I love you enough, so this is your reminder” box sign. It features a cool zig zag print on the sides. For that mom and daughter who have a somewhat snarky but totally loving relationship, get them the “You’re my favorite pain in the ass” box sign.

Perfect for maternity, and after baby is born, this pretty floral print bathrobe and matching baby swaddle is a great gift idea for a new mom and her daughter. She can take it to the hospital on her way to deliver, and bring home baby in the sweet swaddle and matching headband. This knee-length robe features a sash so she can make it fit as snug or loose as she prefers, and it has an inside tie as well to keep it (and her) secure. Because it’s easy to open the top, nursing is a breeze, and the deep pockets give her a place to stash a kleenex, binky or her smartphone to capture some of those unforgettable newborn pics.

Both pieces are made of comfy bamboo viscose, which means they’re warm without making mom or her little girl overheat. Get this robe in women’s sizes from Small to XX-Large. Posh Peanut has a pretty selection of floral rompers that come in similar floral prints as well. Another nice idea (at least for mom) is a pair of bamboo pajamas that are moisture wicking and will keep her cool at night. Browse our guide to the best bamboo pajamas right here.

If you’re looking for mother daughter gifts with serious personality, these adorable straw sun hats have it in the bag. The perfectly matched pair comes with an internal adjustable drawstring, so they’re easy to custom fit to most head sizes. Printed with “Hello Sunshine” on the back brim, they’re great for the beach or brunch, and they’re a good choice for keeping the sun out of their eyes and protecting their heads from UV rays as well.

You can also get matching white straw hats – mom’s with a black ribbon and girl’s with a pink ribbon, and printed on the brim they say “Hello Sunshine” and “Little Sunshine.” These beach hats would look perfect with the Matching Hawaiian Luau Mother Daughter Butterfly Dresses.

Little girls love to hang with their moms in the kitchen, and there’s no better way to encourage little ones to jump in and help than giving them the proper kitchen accoutrements. This adorable apron set is the ideal way to get mom and daughter stirring up everything from cookies and cakes, to more complex cooking adventures together. Plus, this set is a great way to encourage families to sit down together and share a meal which seems a bit of a lost art these days.

Encourage their culinary explorations by getting mom a really nice set of kitchen utensils, and making sure her girl gets some age appropriate kitchen accessories as well. We also think you’ll love the cupcake apron set as well as the super frilly morning glory floral apron set.

Most moms will tell you that the relationship between them and their daughters is truly an unbreakable bond. That’s what makes this bracelet a truly special gift as it acts as a reminder that no matter the distance between them, they are always together in their hearts. Made of highly polished stainless steel, this sweet bangle is inscribed on the inside with double hearts on the outside edges. Naturally, you’ll want to buy two bracelets, one each for mom and her girl.

This mother daughter double bracelet set proudly proclaims “You’ll always be my baby” on one and “I’ll always be your baby” on the other. Each bangle is a half inch wide and can be squeezed to fit most any wrist. You might also like this two piece bracelet set in pretty rose gold tone stainless steel. One bracelet simply says Mother on the inside while the other says Daughter.

Families who play games together often have closer relationships than those who play separately on their devices. According to Forbes Magazine, board games are making a comeback, because every time you play, the game’s a little bit different. Trivial Pursuit for families features 1200 questions for kids and adults and it’s a great way to spend time laughing over each other’s wrong answers while you actually enjoy face to face communication.

I grew up playing Scrabble with my mom nearly every weekend. We learned to spell and to investigate new words. No shock that I became a writer, huh? We were never allowed to have the Scrabble Junior game, but for moms with younger daughters it’s a great way to begin.

This delightful vintage looking compact mirror is a wonderful little gift any woman will want to tuck into her purse for a quick makeup fix or to check her teeth after eating. With two crystal embellished swans on the front, reminiscent of a mother and daughter, this pretty mirror pops open with a simple side button and snaps closed when it’s not in use. It features a magnifying mirror on one side and a standard mirror on the other. And, at the price, you’ll be happy to buy two of them – one for each of your favorite ladies.

You can get this same pretty swan design with more pretty embellishments on the inside mirror frames. It’s just a couple bucks more for the added glam. If you simply want to show your love for both your mom and her daughter, this sweet gold tone compact mirror is embellished with lots of crystal studded hearts and enamel elements.

What a perfect coffee mug for every mother and daughter to share (or fight over.) This cute stoneware mug features a cartoony mom and daughter holding hands on the front, but it features a sweet sentiment inside the mug which they’ll see with every sip. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, and it’s huge, with a 16 ounce capacity. That means whoever grabs it first in the morning is going to get a major caffeine buzz.

If you’re looking for a gift for each of them, get the mother mug and the daughter mug separately. They’re equally large and definitely cute. You might also want to toss in some yummy coffee beans with your gift.

Every woman needs to give a little love to her skin. If she’s tired she needs an infusion of collagen or skin boosting vitamins. If she’s a teen, she probably needs a detoxifying charcoal treatment to help battle breakouts. For moms with tween and teen daughters, this set of Korean sheet masks offers enough diversity for all their different skin types.

With 18 masks – two each of nine different skin boosting formulas, there are plenty to share. They will give both mom and her daughter a good laugh as they look at their frightening reflections in the mirror, because these sheet masks definitely make you look straight out of a horror movie. 

This assortment features cucumber, collagen, vitamin C, aloe vera, charcoal, honey, avocado, pomegranate and tea tree sheet masks. Or, this Dermal Korea sheet mask set has 24 different formulas in one affordable collection. Be sure to get your mother daughter duo some fun fuzzy headbands to keep their hair out of the goo. Browse all our favorite Korean face masks here.

The tree of life represents all mothers, who have given life and love to children of their own and not their own. This pretty two piece pewter pendant set is a meaningful mother daughter gift that comes with a card inscribed with the words “Strong roots produce beautiful leaves.” A heartfelt sentiment that would be perfect coming from a husband as a gift for his own wife and daughter. Each pendant hangs from a stainless steel chain. The set comes in a cool retro looking airmail envelope. 

The EFYTAL Mother Daughter Double Heart necklace set is created from sterling silver and features two hearts intertwined hanging from a delicate double chain. The set comes boxed with a sweet sentiment as well. The EFYTAL Mother Daughter Heart and Key Bracelet Set is another unique gift option in sterling silver that will be treasured for years to come.

This beautiful bamboo cutting board is a lovely gift for either a mother or daughter and will bring them smiles every time they are chopping, slicing and dicing. It’s laser engraved with a beautiful sentiment – “So much of me is made from what I learned from you you’ll always be with me like a handprint on my heart ~ I Love You.” 

This big board is 11.5 x 13.5 inches, so it’s nice and large and would also be perfect to serve cheeses and charcuterie to guests. In fact, another great mother daughter gift idea is a bamboo charceuterie serving board that comes with four serving utensils that tuck into a little drawer. It’s great for gatherings small and large. 

If either mom or her daughter is limited on kitchen space, this folding bamboo cheese board expands to reveal the serving tools underneath while increasing the serving space. Super cool.

With the huge popularity of families exploring their genealogy, this set of two family tree posters are an ideal way to record what they’ve discovered. With a beautiful oak tree front and center, this poster features lots of natural elements in a vintage looking design that fits well in an office, living room or bedroom.

At 12 x 18 inches, this big poster can trace families out to six generations, and because it comes in a two pack, it’s an awesome option to give both a mom and her daughter. Do keep in mind, frames are not included so you’ll want to shop for those as well. 

So often, moms serve as the emotional compass for their daughters, keeping them grounded through life’s tough times. This sweet keyring set serves as a reminder that no matter where they’re at, they’re always connected in spirit. It features compass charms, a split heart, and little sentiment charms that say “no matter where” all connected to a sturdy split ring key holder.

Moms and daughters are also like pieces of a puzzle that perfectly fit together. This puzzle piece keyring set is another sweet reminder of their close bond. For the mom and daughter who love their bling, this crystal studded heart keychain set might be the right gift for them. 

Cute, coordinating, and not too matchy-matchy, these fun pajamas will have every mom and her girl beaming at how adorable they look as they head off to bed. Mom’s nightie is made of 100 percent soft organic cotton and the design is stitched on so it will last. The daughter’s pajama set features fun print knee length bottoms with a sweet sleep tee on top, also made of that same organic cotton.

While these do coordinate, they don’t come in a set, because you need to be able to buy each in its appropriate size. Get the mom nightie in sizes from Small to XX-Large, and get the little girl’s jammies in kid sizes from 3T to 8. You can also get them in several other patterns. We particularly like the Pink Crane Coordinating Pajama Set.

Know a mom with two daughters? Check out these adorable matching PJs for mom, big sis and little sis. Totally adorbs.

Every woman likes to travel with her own bag of bathroom supplies, and this floral cosmetics bag is perfect for mothers and daughters. Order one for the grown woman who wants to keep her makeup, toiletries, combs and brushes well organized and easy to access. Order another for the daughter of any age – because if she’s a teen, she’ll have her own load of makeup, and if she’s younger, she can still pack up her own shampoo, bubble bath, lip balm, combs, brushes and ponytail holders. 

This clever bag comes in three different prints, so as long as you get different ones, mom and daughter will never be confused. If you’re looking for a travel bag that’s crushproof, this BeautyBox designer makeup bag is reinforced and has movable dividers so it can be customized to fit one’s personal products perfectly. 

Think they’d prefer a hanging organizer? This extra large cosmetic bag features four separate compartments to easily keep things organized on the road. Moms and daughters would love it.

Special candles are always a wonderful gift, but especially when they’re safe as well as being total mood makers. This pretty set of candles, printed on the outside with Live, Laugh and Love, make ideal mother daughter gifts because they’re perfect to use during a relaxing bath or quiet evening at home and will never be a fire hazard if someone drifts off. These LED candles emit a warm, flickering light that looks like a real candle, but thanks to the included remote control, they can easily shut them off as they leave the room or can be set with a time to automatically turn off after four hours. Genius. Don’t forget to get two sets if mom and daughter live apart.

The Mother Daughter Sentiment Flameless Candle also comes with a time, and features a lovely photo treatment on the exterior along with a sweet sentiment of love. This cool set of color changing LED candles is another sweet gift idea that might keep those mother daughter conversations going until late in the evening.

A grand way for mothers and daughters to spend the summer is fostering and learning about the butterflies and bees in the garden. This beautiful little Mason bee barn and butterfly house is an ideal way to begin the process. It features natural bamboo tubes in which bees begin to create a colony. And don’t worry. These righteous little pollinators don’t sting unless treated aggressively, and they’ll create an amazing garden bounty to boot.

If you buy this adorable bee barn for your daughter, be sure to get her mom the book Mason Bee Revolution: How the Hardest Working Bee Can Save the World – One Backyard at a Time. This combination mother daughter gift will give them a profound sense of their power to transform the world, one bee at a time.

No place to hang the bee barn? This combination bee and insect hotel comes with its own mounting stake. 

Creating conversations spaces for moms and daughters isn’t always easy, but a pair of these hanging macrame swings can be installed on your covered porch or patio to make a safe little getaway for those talks when they need a special place to hang out. This rope hammock style chair is the perfect place to snuggle in for intimate conversations, so be sure to get two so that both mom and daughter can relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

You could also consider getting the mom and daughter on your list a two person hanging nest, especially if that daughter is a smaller child. It’s a perfect place for reading books together or taking an afternoon nap. 

Perhaps no other symbol offers such a powerful reflection of the feelings between a mother and daughter than the claddagh. With a heart that symbolizes love, two hands equalling friendship and a crown reflecting loyalty, this pretty sterling silver ring is a lovely gift to give both a mother and a daughter. The band is woven in an infinity design, for love everlasting. While you’ll need to get two rings, this particular style comes in sizes from quite small to very large, so it’ll be simple to order each at the appropriate size for a mom and her girl. This might be an especially lovely idea for a mom who wasn’t a daughter’s birth mother, but loves her as though she was her own flesh and blood.

If you’re unsure about ring sizes, this pretty sterling silver claddagh pendant would make a wonderful mother daughter gift idea. Simply order two and present them at once. And this claddagh bar pendant combines both the best of an ancient symbol and modern design. It’s also in sterling silver.

If you’ve got both a wife and a grown daughter, treating them to this luxurious Egyptian cotton spa robe set is a great gift for both of them. It’s made even better if you make an appointment for them to both get massages and manicures to go with. These waffle weave spa robes, both embroidered with “Hers” come beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving. To make that date at the spa a little simpler for each of them, find a Spa Finder gift card here, and whether they schedule together or individually, they’ll think of you for giving them such a lovely and relaxing gift.

While you may be familiar with the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, you might not be familiar with this particular book that is filled with heartwarming essays and insights into the unique bonds between mothers and daughters. Filled with personal stories that will impact both a mother and her daughter through all the most trying stages of life, this book will be a “feel good” read that can help them to see their relationship in the context of others. Get them each a copy of their own if they live apart so they can read this sweet book together and discuss its impact on one another.

You could also get Chicken Soup for the Soul: Like Mother, Like Daughter which is filled with great lessons for and from mothers and their teenaged daughters. Another great book for both a mom and her daughter is Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff . . . and It’s All Small Stuff, a wonderful read, and reminder not to let the little things take over in life and relationships.

Almost every little girl, up to a certain age, wants to be just like her mom. These cute matching packpacks are perfect for errands, and for keeping mom and her little one organized on outings. These packs are water resistant, easy to clean and best of all, machine washable. That means mom can stow all the necessities for the day in her bag, from diapers and snacks to water bottles and baby bottles.

Her youngster can pack along a small blanket, favorite stuffed toy and a book. With multiple pouches and super sturdy zippers, these will be perfect for all those days when mom might not get home in time for her little one’s nap. Get these cuties in pearl gray, pink or black. 

Sometimes snuggle time is best when both mommy and daughter are cozied up in their favorite matching unicorn onesies. While this playful pair doesn’t come as a set, you can get the adult fleece unicorn onesie here, and the child’s matching unicorn onesie here.

Perfect for lounging around the house, going to birthday parties of friends, or even making a trip to the local drive in, these cozy onesies are machine washable and feature pockets, a cute hood with a unicorn face and horn, and rainbow tails. They also have an easy zipper in the bottom so you can unzip and use the bathroom without completely disrobing. Genius.

Want to look at more options for adult unicorn onesies? Browse our carefully curated list of the best right here.

Perfect for Christmas or any other special occasion when you want to give the mother and daughter on your list a cozy capper to keep their noggins warm, these knit beanies are an awesome present. Made from 100 percent machine washable acrylic, they’re easy to wear and even easier to take care of. They’d also be perfect for summertime campouts where the weather might get super chilly at night. These mother daughter beanies come in 27 different colors, so you can easily choose one of their favorites.

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For a mom and her teenage daughter, they might like these Funky Junque Ponytail Hats for those lazy morning walks when they didn’t have time to mess with their hair.

We've done our best to look at all stages of life, so you can find the right mother daughter gift ideas that fit the lovlies in your life. Keep in mind, we've gone a bit untraditional with some of our recommendations, because we think gifts that are shared are as memorable as those which give each of your giftees something individual. Enjoy.

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