I’ve had a really busy summer traveling. I got back to the office last week to find some great new products: Let’s start with the Triptowin TP10 wired In-Ear Monitors with 5 Balanced Armatures per earpiece and an integrated mic cable for phone use. Back to the grind, let’s take a look, and a listen:

My good friends at Linsoul Audio sent the Tripowin TP10 earbuds out with the optional Mic Cable for phone calls. In the cute but small retail box, you will find the two TP10 earpieces, a pre-curved and braided wire Mic Cable, silicone ear tips in size small, medium, and large, and an easy to read instruction pamphlet. The Earpieces have a resin body and aluminum backing and are very lightweight and comfortable.

The first device I stuck the Tripowin TP10 into was my Samsung Galaxy phone.  I started streaming music from Amazon Music and other streaming services to get a feel for the mix and drivers. Of course just as I was starting to enjoy what I was hearing, someone called me. GREAT! Unlike wireless IEM systems, the TP10 mic cable allows Phone calls to continue in both ears instead of defaulting to the right ear only. Since I have hearing issues from spending 30 years in live music environments I well realize “one ear” can be problematic for some listeners. The several phone calls I completed that day using the Tripowin IEMs were crystal clear on both ends and I can only say this is a great system for such activities. My listening experience was delightful with bright and clear stereo separation. The mids, mid highs, and mid-lows are very present and clear with no noticeable distortion at reasonable listening levels. The high end of the range is equally clear and crispy.

I truly enjoyed listening to these headphones with one codicil. The frequency range as stated on the packaging is 20 – 40  kHz. Number one: In no way will you hear 20 Hz in this earbuds in any incredibly loud way. I listened to classical music on.AVI files and I spent an hour listening to a David Guetta station on Amazon Prime Music. When I listened over and over using the TP10 IEMs to songs with which I am absolutely familiar with the tonal structure in terms of sub low and low-end response from my years working in night clubs:  I could hear it, it just didn’t have any presence. Even when I knew exactly when the low end “kicks in” it just didn’t crush. But hear me out: It’s not a deal killer. They are incredibly balanced with no low-end enhancement. I’m starting to realize that if a manufacturer supplies Balance Armature drivers, Balanced is the operative word and intent. Don’t expect enhanced low end like Beats and you won’t be disappointed. Jazz sounded great, pop, and rock music sounded great, and to be honest, even the Dance music sounded great, without any BOOMING in my ears to shred my overworked ears. If you want a comfortable pair of pro-level In-ear monitors at an entry-level cost and to be able to answer the phone with clear communication at both ends? The Tripowin TP10 meet that need.

I was very impressed with the Tripowin TP10 wired in-ear monitors w/mic Cable from an audio performance position as a balanced and what seems like almost seamless sound coverage. Considering the clarity of the audio signal when in phone conversations and when listening at reasonable levels the only real lack was slamming low end. It’s there. It’s not going to knock your socks off.  I would recommend these to anyone who plans to use them partnered with their phone to listen to music or making/taking phone calls. I wore them for hours without any noticeable ear fatigue. The comfort level was impressive. However, I can’t give them a ten or even a 9 without full range balanced sound and these just don’t perform well at the bottom of the frequency scale.  This is most likely due to the Pair of high-frequency Balanced Armatures, a Pair of Mid Frequency BAs, and only ONE Low-frequency BA. 8.0 out of ten for a new first look at a new manufacturer: The Tripowin TP10 almost deliver flawless performance. Just no thump.  Thanks to Linsoul Audio and Tripowin and I’ll see the rest of you soon!!

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An audio specialist with over 20 years of audio engineering experience. When not sitting behind a sound board, he enjoys spending time with his family, including his two youngest sons, as well as rock/mountain scrambling, rappelling and taking his Jeep into hard to find areas (until it has to be dug back out from the dirt).

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